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Acosta M. Juszczak R. Chojnicki B. Pavelka M. Havránková K. Leśny J. Krupková L. Urbaniak M. Macháčová K. Olejnik J. (2017) CO2 Fluxes from Different Vegetation Communities on a Peatland Ecosystem. Wetlands. Vol.: 37 (3), pp. 423 - 435

Veselík P. Dvorská A. Michálek J. (2017) Half a Year of Co-located Gaseous Elemental Mercury Measurements: Investigation of Temporal Changes in Measurement Differences. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Vol.: 26 (5), pp. 3128 - 3137

Collazo S. Lhotka O. Rusticucci M. Kyselý J. (2017) Capability of the SMHI-RCA4 RCM driven by the ERA-Interim reanalysis to simulate heat waves in Argentina. International Journal of Climatology. Vol.: 38 (1), pp. 483 - 496

Tříska J. Vrchotová N. Balík J. Soural I. Sotolář R. (2017) Variability in the content of trans-resveratrol, trans-?-viniferin and r2-viniferin in grape cane of seven Vitis vinifera L. varieties during a three-year study. Molecules. Vol.: 22 (6), č. článku 928,

Pechanec V. Stržínek F. Purkyt J. Štěrbová L. Cudlín P. (2017) Carbon stock in forest aboveground biomass –comparison based on Landsat data. Central European Forestry Journal. Vol.: 63 (-), pp. 126 - 132

Rivas-Ubach A. Sardans J. Hódar J. Garcia-Porta J. Guenther A. Paša-Tolic L. Oravec M. Urban O. Peňuelas J. (2017) Close and distant: Contrasting the metabolism of two closely related subspecies of Scots pine under the effects of folivory and summer drought. Ecology and Evolution. Vol.: 7 (21), pp. 8976 - 8988

Großkinsky D. Syaifullah S. Roitsch T. (2017) Integration of multi-omics techniques and physiological phenotyping within a holistic phenomics approach to study senescence in model and crop plants. Journal of Experimental Botany. Vol.: 99 (99), pp. 1 - 20

Klimeš J. Hartvich F. Tábořík P. Blahůt J. Briestenský M. Stemberk J. Emmer A. Vargas R. Balek J. (2017) Studies on selected landslides and their societal impacts: activity report of the Prague World Centre of Excellence, Czech Republic. Landslides. Vol.: 14 (4), pp. 1547 - 1553

Wang L. Godbold D. (2017) Soil N mineralization profiles of co-existing woody vegetation islands at the alpine tree line. European Journal of Forest Research. Vol.: 136 (5-6), pp. 881 - 892

Macháčová K. Maier M. Svobodová K. Lang F. Urban O. (2017) Cryptogamic stem covers may contribute to nitrous oxide consumption by mature beech trees.