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Tesnerová C. Zadinová R. Pikl M. Zemek F. Kadochová Š. Matějíček L. Mihaljevič M. Frouz J. (2017) Predicting the toxicity of post-mining substrates, a case study based on laboratory tests, substrate chemistry, geographic information systems and remote sensing. Ecological Engineering. Vol.: 100 (Mar), pp. 56 - 62

Büntgen U. Latorre J. Egli S. Martinez-Pena F. (2017) Socio-economic, scientific, and political benefits of mycotourism.

Rascher U. Alonso A. Burkart A. Cilia C. Cogliati S. Colombo R. Damm A. Drusch M. Guanter L. Hanuš J. Hyvarinen T. Jullita T. Jussila J. Kataja K. Kokkalis P. Kraft S. Kraska T. Matveeva M. Moreno J. Müller O. Panigada C. Pikl M. Pinto F. Prey L. Pude F. Rossini M. Schickling A. Schurr E. Schüttemeyer D. Verrlest J. Zemek F. (2015) Sun-induced fluorescence - a new probe of photosynthesis: First maps from the imaging spectrometer HyPlant. Global Change Biology. Vol.: 21 (12), pp. 4673 - 4684

Hofmeister J. Hošek J. Brabec M. Kočvara R. (2017) Spatial distribution of bird communities in small forest fragments in central Europe in relation to distance to the forest edge, fragment size and type of forest. Forest Ecology and Management. Vol.: 401 (OCT), pp. 255 - 263

Xiaogang Y. Kesebaum K. Kollas C. Manevski K. Baby S. Beaudoin N. Öztürk I. Gaiser T. Wu L. Hoffmann M. Charfeddine M. Conradt T. Constantin J. Ewert F. de Cortazar-Atauri I. Giglio L. Hlavinka P. Hoffmann H. Launay M. Louarn G. Manderscheid R. Mary B. Mirschel W. Nendel C. Pacholski A. Palouso T. Ripoche-Wachter D. Rötter R. Ruget F. Sharif B. Trnka M. Ventrella D. Weigel H. Olesen J. (2017) Performance of process-based models for simulation of grain N in crop rotations across Europe. Agricultural Systems. Vol.: 154 (JUN), pp. 63 - 77

Stojanović M. Szatniewska J. Kyselová I. Pokorný R. Čater M. (2017) Transpiration and water potential of young Quercus petraea (M.) Liebl. coppice sprouts and seedlings during favourable and drought conditions. Journal of Forest Science. Vol.: 63 (7), pp. 313 - 323

Oulehle F. Chuman T. Hruška J. Krám P. McDowell W. Myška O. Navrátil T. Tesař M. (2017) Recovery from acidification alters concentrations and fluxes of solutes from Czech catchments. Biogeochemistry. Vol.: 132 (3), pp. 215 - 272

Juráň S. Pallozi E. Guidolotti G. Fares S. Šigut L. Calfapietra C. Alivernini A. Savi F. Večeřová K. Křůmal K. Večeřa Z. Urban O. (2017) Fluxes of biogenic volatile organic compounds above temperate Norway spruce forest of the Czech Republic. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Vol.: 232, pp. 500 - 513

Dařenová E. Holub P. Krupková L. Pavelka M. (2017) Effect of repeated spring drought and summer heavy rain on managed grassland biomass production and CO2 efflux. Journal of Plant Ecology. Vol.: 10 (3), pp. 475 - 485

Crhová L. Holtanová E. Kalvová J. Farda A. (2017) Changes in air temperature means and interannual variability over Europe in simulations by ALADIN-Climate/CZ: dependence on the size of the integration domain. Theoretical and Applied Climatology.