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von Buttlar J. Zscheischler J. Rammig A. Sippel S. Reichstein M. Knohl A. Jung M. Menzer O. Arain M. Buchmann N. Cescatti A. Gianelle D. Kiely G. Law B. Magliulo V. Margolis H. McCaughey J. Merbold L. Migliavacca M. Montagnani L. Oechel W. Pavelka M. Peichl M. Rambal S. Raschi A. Scott R. Vaccari F. Van Gorsel E. Varlagin A. Wohlfahrt G. Mahecha M. (2018) Impacts of droughts and extreme-temperature events on gross primary production and ecosystem respiration: a systematic assessment across ecosystems and climate zones.

Dobrovolný P. Rybníček M. Kolář T. Brázdil R. Trnka M. Büntgen U. (2018) May-July precipitation reconstruction from oak tree-rings for Bohemia (Czech Republic) since AD 1040.

Bujalský L. Jirka V. Zemek F. Frouz J. (2018) Relationships between the normalised difference vegetation index and temperature fluctuations in post-mining sites.

McGloin R. Šigut L. Havránková K. Dušek J. Pavelka M. Sedlák P. (2018) Energy balance closure at a variety of ecosystems in Central Europe with contrasting topographies.

Traxmandlová I. Ackerman J. Tremblay R. Roberts D. Štípková Z. Kindlmann P. (2018) Determinants of orchid species diversity in world islands.

Brázdil R. Stucki P. Szabó P. Řezníčková L. Dolák L. Dobrovolný P. Tolasz R. Kotyza O. Chromá K. Suchánková S. (2018) Windstorms and forest disturbances in the Czech Lands: 1801–2015.

Ruiz-Ramos M. Ferrise R. Rodríguez A. Lorite I. Bindi M. Carter T. Fronzek S. Palosuo T. Pirttioja N. Baranowski P. Buis S. Cammarano D. Chen Y. Dumont B. Ewert F. Gaiser T. Hlavinka P. Hoffmann H. Höhn J. Jurečka F. Kersebaum K. Krzyszczak J. Lana M. Mechiche-Alami A. Minet J. Montesino M. Nendel C. Porter J. Ruget F. Semenov M. Steinmetz Z. Stratonovitch P. Supit I. Tao F. Trnka M. de Wit H. Rötter R. (2018) Adaptation response surfaces for managing wheat under perturbed climate and COinf2/infin a Mediterranean environment. Agricultural system. Vol.: 159, pp. 260 - 274

Wu X. Liu H. Li X. Ciais P. Babst F. Guo W. Zhang C. Magliulo V. Pavelka M. Liu S. Huang Y. Wang P. Shi C. Ma Y. (2018) Differentiating drought legacy effects on vegetation growth over the temperate Northern Hemisphere.

Schneider S. Oulehle F. Krám P. Hruška J. (2018) Recovery of benthic algal assemblages from acidification: how long does it take, and is there a link to eutrophication?.

Orság M. Fischer M. Tripathi A. Žalud Z. Trnka M. (2018) Sensitivity of short rotation poplar coppice biomass productivity to the throughfall reduction – Estimating future drought impacts.