Public Tenders


Global Change Research Institute CAS, v.v.i. announces in accordance with Act No. 283/1992 Coll. the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, as amended by Act No. 420/2005 Coll. and Articles of Association of the Czech Republic tender for the position of a junior scientist.

Location: Brno, Czech Republic, EU
Duration: 3 years with the possibility of extension
Working time: 100%


The objective of a proposed position is to apply approaches of molecular biology, particularly transcriptomics and proteomics, to investigate impacts of environmental drivers, associated with global climate change, on growth, development, and metabolic activity of model tree and crop species. The aim of the research team is to combine fundamental research on plant molecular biology, physiology and biochemistry with applied translational research to enhance stress resistance/tolerance and/or grain quality of cereals.

The selected candidate will be involved in the formulation of original scientific hypotheses, planning of experiment designs (out-door, laboratory), data processing, and scientific paper writing focused on changes in plant traits due to the effect of selected stressors/drivers (UV radiation, drought, heat, CO2 concentration, mineral supply etc.). The leadership of early-stage researchers and Ph.D. students is also expected.


  • Applicants should have a Ph.D. in plant physiology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry or any other related programme.
  • Applicants should have practical experiences with a range of analytical techniques applied in plant molecular biology and genomics such as PCR, chromatography, spectrophotometry, electrophoresis and/or others.
  • Applicants should have wide experiences with statistical data processing and advanced statistical techniques, including experiences with principal component analysis, factorial analysis. Practical experiences with statistical software and packages (R, MatLab, Statistica etc.) are also requested.
  • Applicants should have a strong publication record (15 publications with IF or above) and Hirsch index 10 or above. The applicant should be a first author or corresponding author of at least 5 publications with IF.
  • Practical experiences with the submission of scientific grant applications to Czech and/or European funding agencies.
  • Good knowledge of English (certificate is not requested), particularly of technical terminology.

We offer

  • Work in very well equipped laboratories with the most modern instrumentation for metabolomic, isotopic and ecophysiological studies.
  • Creative research work, the possibility of dynamic development of the scientific team and the deepening of personal expertise.
  • The possibility of a further career and professional advancement.
  • The possibility of training courses and fellows at foreign institutions.
  • Background of the strong, dynamic research group.

Deadlines / Time schedule

Application deadline is January 20, 2018. An expected personal interview with candidates is January 26, 2018. The position is expected to be filled by March 2018 or by an agreement.

Applications should include a cover letter, a full CV including a complete list of publications, an outline of current research interests, a proposal for future research interests and the names and email addresses of 2–3 contact persons from previous employment. Applications should be emailed to jobs@czechglobe.cz.

For more information about the position contact Otmar Urban at urban.o@czechglobe.cz.