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Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v. v. i.

European Project Manager For the AnaEE-ERIC Interface and Synthesis Centre (ISC),

Open position at CzechGlobe – AnaEE-ERIC Interface and Synthesis Centre European Project Manager

CzechGlobe, the leading Czech Research Institute for research on issues of environmental sciences, and in particular on the problem of global climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation,
AnaEE-ERIC, the intergovernmental European Research Infrastructure Consortium for ecosystem research,
are seeking together a

European Project Manager For the AnaEE-ERIC Interface and Synthesis Centre (ISC), located at Brno, Czech Republic

CzechGlobe – Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Science (Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v. v. i.) is a public research institution, European center of excellence investigating the ongoing global change and its impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society through the use of the latest techniques and instrumentation. The main goal of the research activity is primarily knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of the impact of global climate change on individual segments, their adaptation to partial factors and, finally, the use of this knowledge in measures to mitigate the effects of global climate change. An essential feature is a multidisciplinary approach and broad international cooperation. The built-up capacities are used to apply a wide range of the most modern research methods (metabolic, mereological analysis of the flow of energy and substances in ecosystems, process imaging using remote sensing techniques, and demanding computer simulations).
Further information on the aims and mission of CzechGlobe can be found at
Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems, European Research Infrastructure Consortium (AnaEE-ERIC), is an intergovernmental research organization established under the European Council (EC) regulation 723/2009 on the community legal framework for European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) legal status.
AnaEE-ERIC provides tools to understand the multiple global change drivers on terrestrial and aquatic continental ecosystems across Europe. It proposes access to a distributed, versatile network of facilities that can simulate environmental drivers from land-use change, pollution, biological invasions, rising atmospheric greenhouse gases concentrations, and to increasing extreme events such as droughts and heatwaves.
AnaEE-ERIC provides access for research teams to these experimental, analytical, and modelling platforms. The outcome of these research will lead to a better understanding of ecosystem functions and services, and recommendations to the stakeholders (agriculture, industry, policy makers, NGOs) for the mitigation and adaptation of ecosystem to anthropic induced changes.
The general missions and objectives of the AnaEE-ERIC ISC is to accompany the scientific community to promote their projects results, the support to seek funding and write proposals, the preparation of review and position papers, synthesis of the research performed using the AnaEE Research Infrastructure, and the training, link and outreach of the stakeholders.
Further information on the aims, mission, governance, and statutes of AnaEE‐ERIC can be found at

Roles and Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the Scientific Officer the European Project Manager (EPM) will contribute to the analyses provided by the ISC of the results obtained using the services of the Research Infrastructure AnaEE (AnaEE RI). The EPM will contribute to the collection and statistics on papers, and other relevant data from the research infrastructure and perform surveys. He will provide essential statistics relevant for AnaEE-ERIC and its stakeholders. S/he will be in charge of maintaining the relevant KPIs for AnaEE-ERIC. S/he will liaise with the scientists and stakeholders of AnaEE-ERIC. The EPM will contribute to the writing and managing of proposals and projects involving AnaEE-ERIC.
The EPM will belong to the staff of AnaEE-ERIC, and as such it will contribute to the life, discussions, activities of the whole ERIC which has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France and Italy. It is expected also that he will have a contribution to the overall Research Infrastructure activities.
The main duties of the EPM include:
• Survey of the activity of the research infrastructure, collect any data relevant to evaluate this activity, make statistics, and provide analysis together with the Scientific Officer.
• Contribute to the development, implementation, and management of existing or new projects, under the supervision of the coordinator.
• Administrative and financial management of the projects, support of the logistics of the project, scientific output and deliverables.
• Contribute to the drafting of proposals, ensuring compliance with the EU and/or other authorities / organisations, in coordination with the management of AnaEE-ERIC.
• Collecting data and maintaining the relevant key performance indicators.
• Liaise with the stakeholders of AnaEE-ERIC, support the communication, especially when relevant for project outputs or synthesis provided by the ISC.

Requirements and skills
• Master degree or equivalent, in a discipline relevant for AnaEE-ERIC (ecology, environment, plant sciences, etc.), or a specialization in management,
• Three years of experience or more, preferably in the managing of European projects,
• Knowledge of the European landscape of research and research infrastructures,
• Excellent written and spoken English (CEFR level C2); the knowledge of a second language spoken in the EU will be an asset,
• Full command of Microsoft office or equivalent,
• Excellent organizational skills,
• Ability to meet deadlines, experience in managing teams, and budget,
• Self-starter, autonomous,
• Strong oral and written communication skills, especially in an international environment,
• Excellent interpersonal abilities,
• The position requires travelling in Europe,

The successful candidate will be hired by the Czech Globe Research Institute and seconded to AnaEE-ERIC within the framework of the hosting agreement signed by these two entities.
This position will be under the responsibility of the Scientific Officer of AnaEE-ERIC – ISC, and part of the staff of AnaEE-ERIC.
Overtime may be needed to meet deadlines.
Nationality condition: citizen of any country of the European Union, or in possession of a working permit for the Czech Republic, allowing with travel inside and outside the EU with no restriction.
To apply, send a CV, cover letter, with the name, function and email of 2 (max. 3) reference persons, last degree obtained, supporting information and documents to and
For any information, please, contact us.
Deadline: 27 February 2024, however, applications may be examined before the deadline.
Anticipated start of work: CzechGlobe (preferably 03/2024)