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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Experimental High-Performance Photobioreactor

The activities of department are focused on research of usage of waste sources for microalgal cultivation. Main research objective is the investigation of waste CO2 utilization for microalgal cultivations and the evaluation of microalgal potential for water pollution elimination. Long term mission is the application of algal biotechnologies in the field of environmental technologies. Special emphasis is also put on development of experimental pilot – scale photobioreactors. The activity of department is closely related to Department of Adaptive Biotechnologies. Research is focused on usage of results obtained in basic research of photosynthetic microorganisms to practical applications.

The department´s main activities are:

  • The utilization of waste sources in the cultivation processes
  • The evaluation of biotechnological potential of microalgal species isolated from specific natural localities
  • Characterization and optimization of microalgal growth in photobioreactors
  • Development of new technological approaches for microalgal biotechnologies
  • The utilization of waste CO2 in the cultivation processes
  • The usage of microalgae for nutrients removal and phosphorus recovery


Highlighted publications:

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