Welcome to CzechGlobe

Welcome to the website of CzechGlobe – Global Change Research Centre, one of two public research institutes of Global Change Research Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The CzechGlobe Centre was founded in Brno in January 2011. Its activities build on the nearly 20-year tradition of basic research on the topics of global change, the carbon cycle, and ecophysiology of production processes in plants carried out since the early 1990s at the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology as part of the EU’s framework programmes. A major new activity at the CzechGlobe Centre is a project of the Operational Programme: Research and Development for Innovations known as CzechGlobe – Centre for the Study of Global Climate Change Impacts, the aim of which is to develop research infrastructure enabling comprehensive research on the issue of global change. This research infrastructure is financed primarily by funds from the European Union. Research programmes are implemented by research teams cooperating with leading experts from scientific and educational institutions all over the world.

Using the most modern techniques and instrumentation, research is carried out in three main segments affected by global change, namely the ATMOSPHERE – climate evolution and its modelling; ECOSYSTEMS – the carbon cycle, impacts of global change on biodiversity; and SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS – impacts on the development and behaviour of society. Activities aimed at developing innovative technological processes, proposals for measures for adaptation, and educational activities are an integral part of what the CzechGlobe Centre does.