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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

CzechGlobe Internal Grant Agency – CzeGGA

In connection with the implementation of the HRS4R Action Plan in CzechGlobe, the CzechGlobe CzeGGA Internal Grant Agency was established. The internal grant program is designed for PhD students and postdoctoral students to fund their research projects in order to develop the knowledge and strengthen the competencies that are expected of researchers in their career growth.
Thus, beginning researchers can obtain funding for their research and gain the experience needed to formulate a proposal for solving a scientific problem to obtain funding for research from public programs to support R & D and for professional and financial management of the project.

The operation of CzeGGA is in the competence of the CzechGlobe Career Centre. It is financially provided by the Executive Director of the CzechGlobe, who submits a draft budget (allocation for the call) for approval to the Director of the institution. The expert side is provided by the CzeGGA Board appointed by the Director of the institution.

The realization and financing of projects always takes place during one calendar year.

CzeGGA Board:

Ing. Karel Klem, Ph.D. – chairman

doc. Mgr. Otmar Urban, Ph.D.
Mgr. Marian Pavelka, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Červený, Ph.D.
prof. Mgr. Ing. Miroslav Trnka, Ph.D.
Mgr. Petr Holub, Ph.D.
Ing. Manuel Acosta, Ph.D.
prof. Dr. Ing. Petr Horáček
RNDr. Aleš Farda, Ph.D.
Ing. Lucie Homolová, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Pavel Cudlín, CSc.
prof. RNDr. Ivan Holoubek, CSc.

CzeGGA Secretary:

Mgr. Nikola Audesová

Pilot Call 2020

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2nd Call 2021

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Call 2021
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