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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

IV. Domain of the Human Dimesions of Global Change Impacts

The effects of global change have distinct socio-economic aspects. Global and regional environmental changes significantly affect the level of human welfare. Global change is considered, at both expert and decision-making levels, as a phenomenon whose consequences must be taken into account when preparing long-term strategies, but particularly in the systematic investment of time, energy and funding into improving the adaptability of individual fields of human activities and entire national economies. Global change continues to be at the centre of attention of both the expert and general publics. Not only has it become an ecological, sociological and technical problem of the present, but it also has a strong political dimension with a global reach. This poses a great problem, as the political aspect of the global change issue significantly complicates rational decision-making. The domain’s activities are thus aimed at using indicators and models for purposes of making integrated assessments of the impacts of global change on the services that ecosystems provide to people either directly or as a prerequisite for economic production.

prof. Dr. Julia Mildorfova Leventon

It includes:
Department of the Human Dimensions of Global Change
Department of Ecosystem Functional Analysis of the Landscape
Department of social-ecological analysis