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Number of publications found: 1927

Roibu C. Nagavciuc V. Ionita M. Popa I. Horodnic S. Mursa A. Büntgen U. (2022) A tree ring-based hydroclimate reconstruction for eastern Europe reveals large-scale teleconnection patterns. Climate Dynamics. Vol.: 59 (3), pp. 2979 - 2994
Weiskopf S. Myers B. Arce-Plata M. Blanchard J. Ferrier S. Fulton E. Harfoot M. Isbell F. Johnson J. Mori A. Weng E. Harmáčková V. Londono-Murcia M. Miller B. Pereira L. Rosa I. (2022) A Conceptual Framework to Integrate Biodiversity; Ecosystem Function; and Ecosystem Service Models. Bioscience. Vol.: 72 (11), pp. 1062 - 1073
Křenová Z. Janík T. Romportl D. (2022) One park; two owners-Inconsistencies in forest stewardship. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Yang Y. Zou J. Huang W. Manevski K. Olesen J. Rees R. Hu S. Li W. Kersebaum K. Louarn G. Ferchaud F. Si J. Xiong S. Wen X. Chen F. Yin X. (2022) Farm-scale practical strategies to increase nitrogen use efficiency and reduce nitrogen footprint in crop production across the North China Plain. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Born-Torrijos A. Kosakyan A. Patra S. Pimentel-Santos J. Panicucci B. Chan J. Korytář T. Holzer A. (2022) Method for Isolation of Myxozoan Proliferative Stages from Fish at High Yield and Purity: An Essential Prerequisite for In Vitro; In Vivo and Genomics-Based Research Developments. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Stenseth N. Tao Y. Zhang C. Bramanti B. Büntgen U. Cong X. Cui Y. Zhou H. Dawson L. Mooney S. Li D. Fell H. Cohn S. Sebbane F. Slavin P. Liang W. Tong H. Yang R. Xu L. (2022) No evidence for persistent natural plague reservoirs in historical and modern Europe. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Mukarram M. Petrik P. Mushtaq Z. Khan M. Gulfishan M. Lux A. (2022) Silicon nanoparticles in higher plants: Uptake; action; stress tolerance; and crosstalk with phytohormones; antioxidants; and other signalling molecules. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Janků Z. Dobrovolný P. (2022) Heat Waves Amplify the Urban Canopy Heat Island in Brno; Czechia. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Subedi C. Rokaya M. Gurung J. Timsina B. Bhandari P. Chaudhary R. (2022) Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii) and Blue Pine (P. wallichiana) Forests in West Nepal: Comparing Associated Plant Species. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Ruiz-Alvarez O. Corrales-Suastegui A. Štěpánek P. Ontiveros Capurata R. Reyes-Gonzalez A. Reynoso-Santos R. Manuel Ochoa-Rivero J. Singh V. (2022) Temporal trends of daily extreme temperature indices in North-Central Mexico. . Vol.: , pp.  -