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Kyere-Boateng R. Marek M. Huba M. (2022) Assessing changes in ecosystem service provision in the bia-tano forest reserve for sustained carbon mitigation and non-timber forest products provision. Geografický časopis. Vol.: 74(3), pp. 199 - 222
Amin E. Verrelst J. Rivera-Caicedo J. Pipia L. Ruiz-Verdu A. Moreno J. (2021) Prototyping Sentinel-2 green LAI and brown LAI products for cropland monitoring. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Castelli E. Papandrea E. Di Roma A. Bloise I. Varile M. Tabani H. Gastellu-Etchegorry J. Feruglio L. (2021) Deep Learning Application to Surface Properties Retrieval Using TIR Measurements: A Fast Forward/Reverse Scheme to Deal with Big Data Analysis from New Satellite Generations. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Schaal T. Jacobs A. Leventon J. Scheele B. Lindenmayer D. Hanspach J. (2022) 'You can't be green if you're in the red': Local discourses on the production-biodiversity intersection in a mixed farming area in south-eastern Australia. Land Use Policy. Vol.: 121(OCT), article number 106306, pp.  - 
Vainio E. Haikarainen I. Macháčová K. Putkinen A. Santalahti M. Koskinen M. Fritze H. Tuomivirta T. Pihlatie M. (2022) Soil-tree-atmosphere CH4 flux dynamics of boreal birch and spruce trees during spring leaf-out. Plant and Soil. Vol.: 478(1-2), pp. 391 - 407
Petrik P. Zavadilová I. Šigut L. Kowalska N. Petek-Petrik A. Szatniewska J. Jocher G. Pavelka M. (2022) Impact of Environmental Conditions and Seasonality on Ecosystem Transpiration and Evapotranspiration Partitioning (T/ET Ratio) of Pure European Beech Forest. Water. Vol.: 14(19), article number 3015, pp.  - 
Bergamaschi P. Segers A. Brunner D. Haussaire J. Henne S. Ramonet M. Arnold T. Biermann T. Chen H. Conil S. Delmotte M. Forster G. Frumau A. Kubistin D. Lan X. Leuenberger M. Lindauer M. Lopez M. Manca G. Mueller-Williams J. O'Doherty S. Scheeren B. Steinbacher M. Trisolino P. Vítková G. Kwok C. (2022) High-resolution inverse modelling of European CH4 emissions using the novel FLEXPART-COSMO TM5 4DVAR inverse modelling system. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol.: 22(20), pp. 13243 - 13268
Novotný L. Tříska J. Novotná P. Houška M. (2022) Protivirová ochrana s využitím složek zázvoru a brukvovité zeleniny. Výživa a potraviny. Vol.: 2002(5), pp. 15 - 20
Štroch M. Karlický V. Ilík P. Ilikova I. Opatíková M. Nosek L. Pospíšil P. Svrčková M. Rác M. Roudnický P. Zdráhal Z. Špunda V. Kouřil R. (2022) Spruce versus Arabidopsis: different strategies of photosynthetic acclimation to light intensity change. Photosynthesis Research. Vol.: 154(1), pp. 21 - 40
Zhang X. Kaštyl J. Casas-Luna M. Havlíček L. Vondra M. Brummer V. Sukačová K. Máša V. Teng S. Neugebauer P. (2022) Microalgae-derived nanoporous biochar for ammonia removal in sustainable wastewater treatment. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. Vol.: 10(6), article number 108514, pp.  -