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Alves F. Leal Filho W. Casaleiro P. Nagy G. Diaz H. Al-Amin A. de Andrade Guerra J. Hurlbert M. Farooq H. Klavins M. Saroar M. Lorencová E. Suresh J. Soares A. Morgado F. O'Hare P. Wolf F. Azeiteiro U. (2020) Climate change policies and agendas: Facing implementation challenges and guiding responses. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Čejka T. Nývlt D. Kopalová K. Bulínová M. Kavan J. Lirio J. Coria S. Van de Vijver B. (2020) Timing of the neoglacial onset on the North-Eastern Antarctic Peninsula based on lacustrine archive from Lake Anónima; Vega Island. Global and Planetary Change. Vol.: 184 (article number 103050), pp.  - 
Urban A. Kyselý J. Plavcová E. Hanzlíková H. Štěpánek P. (2020) Temporal changes in years of life lost associated with heat waves in the Czech Republic. Science of the Total Environment. Vol.: 716 (article number 137093), pp.  - 
Salvati L. (2020) Demographic Dynamics; Urban Cycles and Economic Downturns: A Long-term Investigation of a Metropolitan Region in Europe; 1956–2016. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Cudlín O. Pechanec V. Purkyt J. Chobot K. Salvati L. Cudlín P. (2020) Are Valuable and Representative Natural Habitats Sufficiently Protected? Application of Marxan model in the Czech Republic. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Akhtar S. Mekureyaw M. Pandey C. Roitsch T. (2020) Role of Cytokinins for Interactions of Plants With Microbial Pathogens and Pest Insects. Frontiers in Plant Science. Vol.: 10 (article number 1777), pp.  - 
Dařenová E. Čater M. (2020) Effect of spatial scale and harvest on heterogeneity of forest floor CO2 efflux in a sessile oak forest. Catena. Vol.: 188 (article number) 104455), pp.  - 
Novák M. Holmden C. Farkaš J. Krám P. Hruška J. Čuřík J. Veselovský F. Štěpánová M. Kochergina Y. Erban V. Fottová D. Šimeček M. Bohdálková L. Prechová E. Voldrichová P. Černohous V. (2020) Calcium and strontium isotope dynamics in three polluted forest ecosystems of the Czech Republic; Central Europe. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Sattarov A. Goswami A. Kulkarni A. Emmer A. (2020) Lake Evolution; Hydrodynamic Outburst Flood Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis in the Central Himalaya: A Case Study. Water. Vol.: 12 (1), pp. 1 - 19
Immerzeel W. Lutz A. Andrade M. Bahl A. Biemans H. Bolch T. Hyde S. Brumby S. Davies B. Elmore A. Emmer A. Feng M. Fernández A. Haritashya U. Kargel J. Koppes M. Kraaijenbrink P. Kulkarni A. Mayewski P. Nepal S. Pacheco P. Painter T. Pellicciotti F. Rajaram H. Rupper S. Sinisalo A. Shrestha A. Viviroli D. Wada Y. Xiao C. Yao T. Baillie J. (2020) Importance and vulnerability of the world's water towers. Nature. Vol.: 577 (7790), pp. 364 - 369