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Number of publications found: 1380

Mergili M. Pudasaini S. Emmer A. Fischer J. Cochachin A. Frey H. (2020) Reconstruction of the 1941 GLOF process chain at Lake Palcacocha (Cordillera Blanca; Peru). . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Dubrovský M. Huth R. Dabhi H. Rotach M. (2020) Parametric gridded weather generator for use in present and future climates: focus on spatial temperature characteristics. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Vítek P. Veselá B. Klem K. (2020) Spatial and Temporal Variability of Plant Leaf Responses Cascade after PSII Inhibition: Raman; Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Infrared Thermal Imaging. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Holub P. Klem K. Tůma I. Vavříková J. Surá K. Veselá B. Urban O. Záhora J. (2020) Application of organic carbon affects mineral nitrogen uptake by winter wheat and leaching in subsoil: Proximal sensing as a tool for agronomic practice. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Novotný J. Navrátilová B. Janoutová R. Oulehle F. Homolová L. (2020) Influence of site-specific conditions on estimation of forest above ground biomass from airborne laser scanning. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Grigorieva O. Brovkina O. Saidov A. (2020) An original method for tree species classification using multitemporal multispectral and hyperspectral satellite data. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Yan Y. Stoddard F. Neugart S. Oravec M. Urban O. Sadras V. Aphalo P. (2020) The transgenerational effects of solar short-UV radiation differed in two accessions of Vicia faba L. from contrasting UV environments. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Salvati L. Lamonica G. (2020) Containing urban expansion: Densification vs greenfield development; socio-demographic transformations and the economic crisis in a Southern European City; 2006-2015. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Muigg B. Seim A. Tegel W. Werther L. Herzig F. Schmidt J. Zielhofer C. Landa A. Büntgen U. (2020) Tree rings reveal dry conditions during Charlemagne's Fossa Carolina construction in 793 CE. . Vol.: , pp.  - 
Salvati L. Carlucci M. (2020) Shaping Dimensions of Urban Complexity: The Role of Economic Structure and Socio-Demographic Local Contexts. . Vol.: , pp.  -