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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

III. Domain of Environmental Effects on Terrestrial Ecosystems

The activities of this domain focus on the study and assessment of the effects of environmental factors (primarily increased CO2 concentration, temperature, water availability, spectral composition of solar radiation, and modification in mineral nutrition) and their mutual interactions on metabolism, physiology, and production processes in plants at various hierarchical levels (ecosystem, plant, tissue) comprise a key condition for more accurately forecasting the impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems and formulating proposals for appropriate measures to mitigate these impacts.

The domain’s main objectives are as follow:

a) clarification of adaptive and regulatory mechanisms associated with the effects of global climate change (especially with increased concentrations of greenhouse gases, rise in temperature, drought, and changes in the spectral composition of radiation) on physiology, metabolism, and production processes in plants and development of methods for early diagnosis of the effects of stress factors; and

b) innovation in the methodological approach consists in the description of changes in the metabolic profile of plants when exposed to environmental stresses and in finding functional connections between the metabolic profile of plants and their physiological and/or phenological properties; identification of the main metabolic pathways in plants involved in plants’ physiological adaptation and in the functional stability of ecosystems under the effects of global change.

Ing. Karel Klem, PhD.

Bělidla 986/4a, 603 00 Brno