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News from the ICOS ERIC consortium

From 17 to 18 May 2022, the 16th General Assembly of the ICOS ERIC consortium, which manages the activities of the European research infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System), took place in Prague. The meeting took place in the Apollon Hall in Vila Lanna, a conference and hotel facility of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Christian Plass-Dülmer, the German delegate of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, was unanimously elected the new chairman of the consortium by the General Assembly. He replaced Jean-Marie Flaud, who had held this position since 2015.

ICOS ERIC consortium staff presented 13 new greenhouse gas measurement stations that had undergone a very demanding quality assurance procedure for standardized ICOS data production while being unanimously approved for ICOS ERIC certification. Two of these new stations are the Bílý Kříž experimental site and the Lanžhot ecosystem station. Local ecosystems are being researched at the stations in order to model future behavior in a changing climate. In the case of the Bílý Kříž station it is a spruce forest, in the case of the Lanžhot station it is a floodplain forest.

All stations or sites operated by the large CzeCOS research infrastructure, hosted by the Global Change Research Institute of the CAS, p. r. i., are part of the European infrastructure of the ICOS project. They have thus passed the ICOS standardized data production quality assurance process and have therefore been granted ICOS ERIC certification. In addition to the Bílý Kříž and the Lanžhot stations, it is the Třeboň ecosystem station and the atmospheric station in Křešín u Pacova.

Through its national networks, the ICOS ERIC consortium currently operates a total of 149 measuring stations in 13 countries, of which 104 are certified for greenhouse gas measurements. The stations monitor greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere as well as carbon fluxes between the atmosphere, the earth’s surface and the oceans.

Source: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

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Foto: Tomáš Vynikal