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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Best article in the Atmosphere journal

The collective of authors Stanislav Juráň, John Grace and Otmar Urban received the award for the best article in the journal Atmosphere for 2021. The article has 40 citations and is one of the highly cited articles according to Web of Science.

The review article “Temporal Changes in Ozone Concentrations and Their Impact on Vegetation” summarizes the state of understanding of the impact of ground-level ozone on vegetation. The introductory part discusses historical changes in the concentration of ground-level ozone and its formation in the atmosphere. The second part summarizes methodological approaches and studies investigating the effect of ozone on vegetation. It discusses the evolution of these studies at different hierarchical levels – from experiments in greenhouses, through outdoor systems enriching the atmosphere with ozon, to micrometeorological approaches and data modelling. The third part summarizes the findings on the effect of ozone on the carbon uptake by vegetation from the leaf level to entire ecosystems. The last part discusses the interaction of ozone with other natural parameters, such as solar radiation, drought and plant access to nitrogen.