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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

CzechGlobe is part of the new Clim4Cast project

CzechGlobe together with seven other institutions from six Central European countries (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland) launched the Clim4Cast project supported by the Interreg CE programme on March 1. The project will focus on improving forecasts of extreme meteorological phenomena, which in this region are mainly droughts, heat waves and fires.

These are expected to increase in frequency, duration and severity as a result of the ongoing climate change, thus posing a direct threat to the environment and the well-being of the population.

The Clim4Cast project, supported by the Interreg CE programme, will create the missing new weather forecasting tool (that is, multi-period forecasting of the above-mentioned extreme meteorological phenomena), which will be integrated into the weather forecasting system of the existing national drought monitoring platforms of all seven countries involved. Scientists will also estimate how climate change affects the occurrence of droughts, heat waves and fires and the characteristics of associated events.

The results of the project will form the basis for a strategy to raise awareness of climate change and extreme weather events and for the development of a specific action plan setting out appropriate response mechanisms.