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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

FLUXNET Annual Conference

On July 11-14, 2023, the annual FLUXNET conference was held in Brno. It was organized by CzechGlobe and the Mendel University in Brno. FLUXNET is a global network made up of regional networks (ICOS from Europe, Ameriflux, OzFLUX, SAEON, MexFLUX and AsiaFLUX) bringing together workplaces that deal with the measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes using the covariance method.

At the same time, FLUXNET is an example of the need for global cooperation and infrastructure to contribute to achieving long-term sustainability.

The FLUXNET community met after five years and conference participants discussed measurement techniques, data processing and the integration of CH₄ and N₂O measurements into a joint processing and database. An important point of the conference was the discussion on how the FLUXNET community could contribute to carbon accounting and the carbon credit system and how it could have a greater impact on the general public.

More information at ICOS.