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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

From 16th to 20th September a Ringo summer school took place in CzechGlobe

The Horizon 2020 project abbreviation RINGO stands for “Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of Integrated Global Observations“, and the summer school is a part of the RINGO 4-year project coordinated by ICOS ERIC and focusing on further development of ICOS Research Infrastructure (RI).

The main goal of the summer school itself was transfer of knowledge to scientists and PhD students in GHG research, and outside the ICOS community.

The trainees from Hungary, Poland, Estonia and Slovakia attended trainings about building and operating of an ICOS station, and then about data obtaining and processing.
Another important part of the school were field trainings at ICOS CzechGlobe Atmospheric Station Křešín u Pacova and at ICOS CzechGlobe ecosystem station floodplain forest Lanžhot. These field trips with hands on trainings were an opportunity to see the ICOS stations in practice.

On Thursday, there was also an excursion to CzechGlobe laboratories located in Brno.
Apart from these formal parts of the training, there was also time for informal consultations and discussions for the trainees to make contact with each other and with the CzechGlobe scientific community, which will help in the future collaboration.