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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Dr. Franz-Sebastian Krah


Position: postdoktorand

Branch: Department of Climate Change Impacts on Agroecosystems

Workplace: ÚVGZ AV ČR, v. v. i.Bělidla 4aBrno603 00



Brief scientometrics

10.23-present: Postdoc, CAS

04.23-present:    Postdoc, University of Bayreuth, Ecology of Fungi

05.20-03.23:    Postdoc, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity, Conservation biology

11.19-05.20:    Research & Development Manager Artificial Intelligence, DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy.

08.19-10.19:    Postdoc (Wiss. Mitarbeiter), Philipps-University Marburg, Department Biology, Ecology

11.15-04.19:    PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), Technical University of Munich, ’summa cum laude’ 

What are the consequences of global change on fungi – individuals, species, communities – and how can large scale datasets complemented by real-world and laboratory experiments be utilized to provide scientific answers to timely research questions and forecasts to advance general ecological knowledge and guide decision making for the management of forests and protected areas and species conservation.

Selected publications:

Krah, F.-S., Büntgen, U., Bässler, C. Temperature affects the timing and duration of fungal fruiting patterns across major terrestrial biomes. Ecology letters, accepted,

Krah, F.-S., Büntgen, U., Schaefer, H., Müller, J., Andrew, C., Boddy, L., Diez, J., Egli, S., Freckleton, R., Gange, A.C., Halvorsen, R., Heegaard, E., Heideroth, A., Heibl, C., Heilmann-Clausen, J., Høiland, K., Kar, R., Kauserud, H., Kirk, P.M., Kuyper, T.W., Krisai-Greilhuber, I., Norden, J., Papastefanou, P., Senn-Irlet, B., Bässler, C., 2019. European mushroom assemblages are darker in cold climates. Nature Communications 10, 2890.

Oechler, H., Krah, F.-S., 2022. Response of Fruit Body Assemblage Color Lightness to Macroclimate and Vegetation Cover. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.

Krah, F.-S., Seibold, S., Brandl, R., Baldrian, P., Müller, J., Bässler, C., 2018. Independent effects of host and environment on the diversity of wood-inhabiting fungi. Journal of Ecology 106, 1428–1442.

Krah, F.-S., Bässler, C., Heibl, C., Soghigian, J., Schaefer, H., Hibbett, D.S., 2018. Evolutionary dynamics of host specialization in wood-decay fungi. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18, 119–132.