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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Dr. Ulf Büntgen, Ph.D.


Position: Vědecký pracovník

Branch: Department of Climate Change Impacts on Agroecosystems

Workplace: MendelGlobeZemědělská 1665/1Brno613 00



Research Focus

Head of the Dendroecology Group at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, conducts fieldwork all over the globe to provide answers to his main research questions: How did and does climate change? How did and do ecosystems respond to such changes?

Alpine ibexes horn growth: Disentangling biotoc and abiotic drivers of annual Caprinae horn growth rates

Arctic driftwood: Wood anatomy, Ocean Circulation Patterns, Provenancing, DNA sequencing

Climate variability: MWP, LIA, Recent Warming, Color-preservation, Forcing agents

Dendrochronology:De-trending, Composite chronologies, Maximum Latewood Density

Early instrumental measurements: Homogenization, Urban-Heat-Island, High-elevation observations

Mountain systems: EuropeanAlps, Carpathian arc, Pyrenees, Caucasus, Scandinavia and Tien Shan

Mushroom phenology: Intra- and inter-annual extremes and trends in fungi fruiting, Switzerland and Europe

Landscape dynamics: Change and persistence in Alpine environment, settlement and building history

Palaeoclimatology: Long-term reconstructions, regional- to large-scale networks, frequency domains

Plague dynamics: Climatic and environmental triggers of plague outbreaks in Central Asia and Europe

Population ecology: Long-term insect outbreak dispersal and dynamics, fungi fruiting and phenology

Settlement activity:Construction timber, felling dates, dendroarchaeology, human history, population migration

Truffle ecology: Fruit body formation, daily growth rings, climatic drivers, ectomycorrhizal ecology, host plant

Vegetation dynamics: Intra- to inter-annual growth responses to climate, tree-line dynamics  



Brief scientometrics

156 articles published (102 are ISI listed), h-index is 25 / 29 (Web of Science / Google Scholar)

134(87) Büntgen U, Wacker L, Nicolussi K, Sigl M, Güttler D, Tegel W, Krusic PJ, Esper J (2014) Extraterrestrial confirmation of tree-ring dating. Nature Climate Change 4: 404-405

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Schmid BV, Büntgen U, Easterday WR, Ginzler C, Walløe L, Bramanti B, Stenseth NC (2015) Climate-driven introduction of the Black Death and successive plague reintroductions into Europe. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA doi: 10.1073/pnas.1412887112

Schmid BV, Büntgen U, Easterday WR, Ginzler C, Walløe L, Bramanti B, Stenseth NC (in press) The climatic pulse of Asia: the Black Death and successive plague epidemics in Europe. PNAS (in press)

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Büntgen U, Kyncl T, Ginzler C, Jacks DS, Esper J, Tegel W, Heussner KU, Kyncl J (2013) Filling the Eastern European gap in millennium-long temperature reconstructions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA 110: 1773-1778

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Büntgen U, Peter M, Kauserud H, Egli S (2013) Unraveling environmental drivers of a recent increase in Swiss fungi fruiting. Global Change Biology 19: 2785-2794