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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

prof. RNDr. Jakub Hruška, CSc.


Position: Vedoucí týmu

Branch: Department of Biogeochemical and Hydrological Cycles

Workplace: ÚVGZ AV ČR, v. v. i.V Jirchářích 149/6Praha110 00



Research Focus

biogeochemistry of forest and water ecosystems, climate change, monitoring of small catchments, soil and water acidification, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), biogeochemical modelling


1988 – RNDr., Faculty of Sciences, Charles University in Prague

1994 – CSc., Czech Geological Survey, Prague

2009 – docent (associated professor), Faculty of Sciences, Charles University in Prague


2009 – Chief of the department of biogeochemical and hydrological cycles at Global Change Research Institute, Czech Academy odf Sciences, Brno

1990 – Senior scientist, department of environmental geochemisy and biogeochemistry, Czech Geological Survey, Prague

2004 – 2007 Research director, Czech Geological Survey, Prague

1997 – 1998 Department of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea, Sweden, postdoctoral fellowship

1993 – Department of Land and Water Resources, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish Institute Fellowship


Nomination for Josef Vavroušek Award in Ecology (2012)

Vojtěch Frič Award of Živa journal (2013)

Important research visits and fellowships

1993 – stipend of the Swedish Institue at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

1997 – 1998 – postdoc stipend at Department of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agriclutural Sciences, Umea, Sweden

2009 – research visit at Swedish Environmental Reserch Institute, Goteborg, Sweden

2104 – research visit at the Long Term Ecological Monitoring (LTER) station at Barrow, Alaska, USA 

Many of short research visits at institutes mostly in Sweden, Norway and USA.


member of the board of ministr of the environment  for national parks (1998-)

member of the Board of the Krkonoše National park (2002-)

chief of the Scientific Board of the Šumava National Park (2006-2011)

member of the Board of the Šumava NP (2014-),

member of the scientific board, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University in Prague (2006-2013)

member of Council for sustainable development of the governemet of the Czech Republic (2014-)

member of the Scientific board, Faculty of Environment, University of Life Sciences (2016-)

member of Supervisory Board of Water Research Institute TGM (2009-)

Editorial boards of journals:

Environmental Pollution (IF= 3,902; 2003-2008)

Bulletin of Geoscineces (IF=1,495; 1999-2009)

Nature protection (2007-)

Associated editor Journal of Geochemical Exploration (IF =2,432; 2014-)

World of Hunting (2007-)

Professional Societies:

Czech Society for Ecology (2012-)

International Humic Substancec Society (2007-)

Brief scientometrics

Author or co-author of 66 IF papers, 1153 citations (February 2016), h-index 21. Author or co-author of ca. 30 pupular science articles focused on forest, soil and water acidification, hydrology and climate change.

Selection of five most cited papers:

Hruška, J., Kohler, S., Laudon, H., Bishop, K. (2003) Is a Universal Model of Organic Acidity Possible: Comparison of the Acid/Base Properties of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Boreal and Temperate Zones. Environmental Science and Technology 37, 1726-1730 (IF=5,481).

Hruška, J., Krám, P., McDowell, W.H., Oulehle, F. (2009) Increased dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in Central Europe streams is driven by reduction in ionic strength rather than climate change or decreasing acidity. Environmental Science and Technology 43 (12), 4320-4326. DOI: 10.1021/es803645.

Krám, P., Hruška, J., Wenner, B.S., Driscoll, C.T., Johnson, C.E. (1997) The biogeochemistry of basic cations in two acid-impacted forested catchment with contrasting lithology. Biogeochemistry 37, 173-202

Hruška, J., Moldan, F., Krám, P. (2002) Recovery from acidification in central Europe – observed and predicted changes of soil and streamwater chemistry in the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic. Environmental Pollution 120, 261-274 (IF=3,902).

Hruška, J., Krám, P. (2003) Modeling long-term changes in streamwater and soil chemistry in catchments with contrasting vulnerability to acidification (Lysina and Pluhův Bor, Czech Republic). Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 7, 525-539.