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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

We are launching hyperspectral imaging

During February a tender for suppliers of remote sensing sensors for our air carrier Cessna 208B Grand Caravan was concluded. The winner of the tender was a Canadian company called Itres, which will deliver three hyperspectral scanners this year. Specifically, they are types CASI -1500, SASI -600 and TASI -600, through which we will be able to capture image data of a selected area in a wide spectral range from the visible to middle infrared i.e. 380 nm to 2450 nm and the thermal range from 8 to 11.5 um.

The delivery of the first sensor is scheduled for April 2014. After its installation into the aircraft, calibration, necessary training and test flights we are planning to proceed to large scale hyperspectral scannig of pre-selected territorial units based on their topographic parameters, different types of ecosystems and at different weather conditions. Additionally, we are planning to provide access to the resulting extensive database to the broad scientific community, research institutions and universities.