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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Mgr. Leona Bohdálková, Ph.D.


Position: Postdoktorand

Branch: Department of Biogeochemical and Hydrological Cycles

Workplace: ÚVGZ AV ČR, v. v. i.V Jirchářích 149/6Praha110 00



Research Focus

biogeochemistry of wetlands, geochemical archives


From 2004 PhD. in Applied geology

Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Science

 PhD. thesis topic: “Freshwater wetlands as biogeochemical archives: Temporal changes in climatic and environmental records.”

Supervisor: Dr. Martin Novák

1999-2004 MSc. in Hydrogeology

Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Science

Master thesis: “Groundwater Vulnerability Map and Estimation of Potential Contamination Sources in the Labe Terrace.”


2011 – present: Postdoc at Global Change Research Institute, CAS, Department of Biogeochemical and Hydrological Cycles

2006 – present: researcher, Czech Geological Survey, Department of Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry (since 2013 on maternity leave)

Important research visits and fellowships

2004-2005 Fellowship at Faculty of Water Management, Agricultural University in Omsk, Russian Federation

July 2006: Short course “Peat bog archives of Atmospheric trace metals“, Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, University of Heidelberg, Germany

2010: Summer Field School, Pennsylvania State University, State College, USA (2 weeks)

Brief scientometrics

I am an author or co-author of 26 peer reviewed papers. My current H-index is 10.

Novák M., Erel Y., Zemanová L. et al. (2008): A comparison of lead pollution record in Sphagnum peat with known historical Pb emission rates in the British Isles and the Czech Republic. Atmospheric Environment 42, 40, 8997-9006.

Novák M., Jačková I., Zemanová L. et al. (2009): Controls on sulfur content in tree rings of Norway spruce and European beech at a heavily polluted site. Geochemical Journal 43, e1-e4.

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Novák M., Zemanová L., Bůzek F. et al. (2010): The effect of a reciprocal peat transplant between two contrasting Central European sites on C cycling and C isotope ratios. Biogeosciences 7, 3, 921-932.

Novák M., Zemanová L., Voldřichová P. et al. (2011): Experimental Evidence for Mobility/Immobility of Metals in Peat. Environmental Science & Technology 45, 17, 7180-7187.

Bohdálková L., Novák M., Voldřichová P. et al. (2012): Atmospheric deposition of beryllium in Central Europe: Comparison of soluble and insoluble fractions in rime and snow across a pollution gradient. Science of the Total Environment 439, 26-34.

Bohdálková L., Čuřík J., Kuběna A. A., Bůzek F. (2013): Dynamics of methane fluxes from two peat bogs in the Ore Mountains, Czech Republic. Plant Soil and Environment 59, 1, 14-21.

Bohdálková L., Novák M., Štěpánová M. et al. (2014): The Fate of Atmospherically Derived Pb in Central European Catchments: Insights from Spatial and Temporal Pollution Gradients and Pb Isotope Ratios. Environmental Science & Technology 48, 8, 4336-4343.

Bohdálková L., Novák M., Bůzek F. et al. (2014): The response of a mid- and high latitude peat bog to predicted climate change: methane production in a 12-month peat incubation. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 19, 7, 997-1010.

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Novák M., Šípková A., Chrastný V. et al. (2016) Cu-Zn isotope constraints on the provenance of air pollution in central Europe: Using soluble and insoluble particles in snow and rime. Environmental pollution 218, 1135-1146.

Bohdálková L., Bohdálek P., Břízová E. et al. (2018) Atmospheric metal pollution records in the Kovářská Bog (Czech Republic) as an indicator of anthropogenic activities over the last three millennia. Science of The Total Environment 633, 857-874.

Novák M., Bůzek F., Jačková I. et al. (2019) Isotope composition of dissolved organic carbon in runoff and peat leachates from a Central European wetland: Temporal and spatial variability in DOC sources. Catena 173, 217-225.

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