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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Ecosystem station Třeboň

Location: Třeboň Basin

Altitude: 426 m above sea level
Average annual temperature (1977-2011): 7.6 °C
Average annual rainfall (1977-2011): 614 mm
Ecosystem: Wetland


  • Long-term monitoring of energy and substance fluxes
  • Researching physiological processes (photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration)
  • Understanding the functioning of the wetland ecosystem as a whole and predicting its future behavior in changing climate conditions
  • Proposals for measures to maintain, or more precisely to increase the ability of the wetland ecosystem to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and minimize CH4

The station is

  • part of the European infrastructure of the ICOS project (Integrated Carbon Observation System) that is integrated into the international research infrastructure ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures)
  • part of the international network of workplaces for long term ecological research ILTER (International Long Term Ecological Research)
  • part of the national research and development infrastructure for carbon monitoring in the Czech Republic – CzeCOS