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Global Change Research Institute, CAS

Department of Smart Biotechnologies

We aim at advancement of novel biotechnological solutions utilizing microorganisms as efficient cell factories, which can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary lifestyles and promote sustainable development, health, and prosperity for humanity, while preserving the planet’s resources utilizing innovative – artificial intelligence enabled – techniques.

Three Pillars of the Department Research

The utilization of artificial intelligence techniques is primarily, but not exclusively, focused on the prediction and real-time optimization of the production of high-value goods from microorganisms. This includes enhancing their ability to mitigate climate change by effectively capturing carbon dioxide.

The attention is also directed toward solutions based on microorganisms that tackle worldwide problems related to eutrophication, including nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, as well as the elimination and breakdown of environmental, health endangering pollutants like heavy metals, hormones, and antibiotics. Additionally, microorganisms-based solutions are being explored for the disposal of marine waste residues such as microplastics.