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Global Change Research Institute, CAS


Call for research projects demanding access to CzechGlobe research facilities

Publication date: 26th February 2014 (Edited: 1st February 2017)

3.2.1          Call for projects

CzechGlobe – Centre for Global Climate Change Impacts Studies is a newly established centre within the frame of Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation – priority axis 1 – European Centres of Excellence (thereinafter just “Czechglobe”) supported mainly by the OP RDI and co-financed from EU funds and the State Budget of the Czech Republic (Project reg. no. CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0073). CzechGlobe operates within the framework of Global Change Research Institute CAS (Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v. v. i.).         AIM OF THE CALL

The aim of this call for projects is to open up CzechGlobe research facilities to external users with interesting scientific projects coming from all over the world.         ELIGIBLE USERS

  • Research organisations and individual scientific workers conducting research & development & innovation, e.g. universities and research institutes
  • Companies interested in contracted research cooperation with CzechGlobe
  • Both international (EU and non-EU) and Czech applicants are welcome         AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES

The following CzechGlobe research facilities are included in Open Access call:         EVALUATION PROCESS

Following aspects will be assessed by CzechGlobe evaluators (researchers, technicians and administrators) during the evaluation process:

  • Technical feasibility of presented research project
  • Scientific merit (scientific and technological excellence).

All applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation process within three months of the project application submission. Communication with the selected ones regarding the initiation of their research will be commenced immediately after the decision.        DEADLINES

This is a rolling call. All received project proposals will immediately undergo the evaluation process. Shall they be positively assessed, the project proposers will be promptly invited for the suggested cooperation.         HOW TO APPLY

Fill in the appropriate application form (see above) and email it to         CONTACTS

For general enquiries please contact

Questions about available technologies and technical feasibility of your research project shall be directed to the research facility leaders, whose contact details are specified in the document describing the available equipment (see the list in the chapter

3.2.2          General conditions of access         INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

Intellectual property generated within the research projects belongs to the user. In the case of a joint research project with the CzechGlobe researchers the results might belong to the hosting facility according to the conditions negotiated between the applicant and CzechGlobe (e.g. co-authorship, acknowledgements).         COSTS

The use of specified CzechGlobe facilities in the framework of the CzechGlobe Open Access project is conditioned by covering the necessary costs and affording the eventual fair profit paid (to CzechGlobe) by the project applicant.         SAFETY REQUIREMENTS

Users must comply with all relevant health and occupational safety rules.        MISCELLANEOUS

CzechGlobe has the right to publish the list of users and short summaries of their Open Access research projects.

For this research Open Access cooperation there is no legal claim.

This call is neither public offer nor public tender.